Stove Rope Glue Adhesive 100 ml


Stove Rope Glue Adhesive

  • Large 100 ml Bottle
  • Stove Door Rope Glue
  • Fire rope Glue



Product Description

Stove Rope Glue Adhesive 100 ml


Rope Seal Adhesive is a specifically formulated high temperature adhesive designed for fixing thermal rope/ tape and ceramic fibre seal to oven, stove and boiler doors. It is ideal for fixing fibre rope seals to heater doors; specifically: stoves/wood burners, boilers and range cookers. Rope Seal Adhesive is an easy to use liquid adhesive – water clean up, is temperature resistant up to 1250˚C and has excellent adhesion to most glass, metal fibre rope, ceramic materials.


Clean away any old rope and remove and loose metal from the locating channel. Apply Fire Rope Adhesive following instructions on the container. Press Fire Rope firmly into channel, then cut Fire Rope with scissors to finish with an end to end butt joint. Allow fifteen minutes before closing doors.