Replacing Stove Glass on woodburners

Replacing Stove Glass on woodburners

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Replacing stove glass on wood burning stoves made easy. By

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How to replace stove glass

Before replacing stove glass , you may wish to take the door off the stove to lay it flat. In some cases, this is as simple as lifting it off its hinges. We would advise you consult your stove manual or manufacturer before doing so.

When replacing stove glass If you have taken the door off, it is probably a good idea to lay it on an old sheet as they are often coated in ash and dirt.

In most cases, to release the existing glass, you will need to loosen the metal clips. If your stove does not have clips holding the glass in, again consult your manual for advice. If you are struggling to loosen the clips, try soaking them in WD 40 and gently use pliers instead of using force.

When loosening the clips, bare in mind that the glass / broken shards may come free at any point.

Once the glass is released, we would recommend you ensure the stove rope seal (or gasket) is still in tact. Over time, rope seals can become broken or frayed. In these instances, you will not have an adequate seal for air control and often this can cause the glass to break. If the metal stove body expands marginally when hot, it can put unneccesary pressure on the glass. Your seal will act as a cushion between the glass and stove body.

Stove Rope And Glass Gasket

You will need to ensure you choose the correct seal for your stove. Please be aware that your rope will have flattened over time. If this is not listed in your manual, you should measure the groove where the rope sits.

After removing the old rope, it is important to also remove any residual dirt or ash before applying the new one. Rope seal packs can be located under the ‘Rope Seals & Gaskets’ tab on our home screen.

Cut the rope to the required size. To fix the rope, run a continuous bead of heat resistant glue along the designated area and then press the rope firmly down. Do not stick rope seals to the glass. Dependant on which glue you have used, follow their instructions on how long to leave the glue to set.

You can now position the glass back in place with the clips. Do not overtighten the clips, they need to be finger tight only.

After reattaching your door (if you had take it off,) the door should close without excess pressure. Do not force the door to close.