Stove Glass Replacement

Here at stove glass-direct we supply high quality replacement heat resiatant glass to suit a wide range of current and obsolete wood burning and multi fuel stoves. If you cannot find a Glass panel to meet your requirements we can, in most cases, supply a  cut to size glass replacement. Glass gasket and installation products such as stove rope , glass gasket are also available.

Information on how to replace your glass can be found here

Buy Stove Glass

Order your heat resistant glass in three easy steps

  • Either identify your stove manufacturer and model from the list shown in our shop to buy stove glass.
  • Alternatively input the length and width you require for a quote in our cut to size glass calculator.
  • Click order and complete our online payment form please also feel free to call us on 01422 831413 or email here

The Wood Burner glass is quoted at industry standard 4 mm thick.

Your replacement log burner glass  will be dispatched in 3  working days at a carriage fee of £4.95.

With over 25 years experience in the heating  industry stoveglass-direct offer expert advice.

Customers are welcome to call on 01422 831413 or email  with any questions.

Our heat resistant glass  is manufactured by Schott Robax is simply the best quality and clearest glass available.

High definition as such will give you a unrivaled clear view of the fire.
The heat resistant glass is suitable for wood burning stoves, multi fuel and gas stoves , cookers, fires and ovens.

  • Our glass manufactured by Schott Robax is simply the best quality and clearest glass available high definition and will give a unrivaled clear view of the fire.
  • The glass will also withstand temperatures up to 760 degrees celcius if the stove is hotter than that its melting.
  • The glass is also suitable for use in cookers and domestic ovens or other instances where heat resistant glass is required.
  • Suitable for wood burning stoves, gas stoves, oil stoves and domestic cookers.
  • The glass will be posted promptly and is extremely well packed as such will reach you in perfect condition.
  • We also supply fire rope , rope glue and other maintenance products to re condition your stove.

Stove Glass Gasket

We also supply Stove Rope Fire Rope and Glass Gasket more information can be found in our web shop

Replacement Stove Fire Bricks

Replacement Stove Fire Bricks

Replacement stove fire bricks for wood burning multi fuel stoves cookers and pizza ovens.

All stove fire bricks are available if the firebricks you require are not listed please try our custom made to measure cut to size stove fire brick calculator

  • Heat / Fire Resistant suitable for lining wood burning stoves or kilns
  • High Density as such high quality and durable
  • Can be cut with a wood saw or jigsaw blade to suit
  • Micalite™ boards are also available with decorative surfaces including Brick effect, Herringbone and Reed ed patterns making them ideal insulation panels for inglenook
  • Used for lining your stove




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