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Stove Glass Cut To Size For Wood Burning Stoves

  • Easy ordering process: provide dimensions in cm for cost calculation
  • Shaping, curving, or arching options available with template or picture submission
  • Industry-standard 4 mm thickness from Schott Robax for superior quality and clarity
  • Suitable for wood burning stoves, gas stoves, oil stoves, and domestic cookers

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Introducing our high-quality Stove Glass, designed specifically for wood burning stoves.

Achieve a perfect fit by choosing our Stove Glass Cut to Size option. For a seamless replacement, we recommend using our Stove Glass Gasket and our specialized Stove Glass Cleaner.

Ordering your customized Stove Glass is a breeze! Simply provide us with the dimensions in centimeters, and our innovative stove glass calculator will determine the cost for you. Please note that a minimum charge of £5.95 applies to tiny glasses.

In the event that your glass requires shaping, curving, or arching, we’ve got you covered. You can easily email us a template, or even send a picture of your log burner, and we’ll ensure the correct panel is provided.

Manufactured by Schott Robax

Rest assured, our Stove Glass adheres to industry standards, measuring a reliable 4 mm in thickness. Our glass sets the benchmark for quality and clarity, delivering an unrivaled high-definition view of your fire.

Withstanding temperatures up to 760 degrees Celsius, it’s suitable for wood burning stoves, gas stoves, oil stoves, and domestic cookers. However, if your stove exceeds this temperature, please be cautious as the glass may begin to melt.

Order with confidence as our glass is promptly shipped and securely packed, arriving in perfect condition.

Contact us at info@stoveglass-direct.co.uk for assistance.

Upgrade your stove today with our stove glass for an exceptional fire-viewing experience.

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