Replacement Stove Fire Bricks Cut To Size

£0.03 / sq cm

  • Stove Fire Bricks
  • Fire bricks cut to size
  • Vermiculite fire bricks 25 mm thick
  • Vermiculite fire board
  • Bricks for wood burner
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Replacement Stove Fire Bricks Cut To Size

Simply enter the length and width of the fire brick required in cm and click to order quantity.

There is a minimum charge of 4.00 per fire brick

Replacement stove fire bricks have the following features:

  • Heat / Fire Resistant suitable for lining wood burning stoves or kilns
  • High Density as such high quality and durable
  • Can be cut with a wood saw or jigsaw blade to suit
  • Micalite™ boards are also available with decorative surfaces including Brick effect, Herringbone and Reeded patterns making them ideal insulation panels for inglenook
  • Used for re conditoning your stove

Fire bricks are used to insulate wood burning stoves to slow down the heat transfer from inside the stove to outside thus protecting the stove body. The fire bricks can be cut with a handsaw or jigsaw.