Mica (Heat-Resistant Plastic Glass Panels)

Mica has been widely utilized as a replacement for glass in wood-burning stoves, particularly in older models. It is a naturally occurring silicated mineral extracted from the earth. Due to its unique chemical structure, mica can be easily separated into thin, opaque sheets. These mica sheets are known for their remarkable heat resistance and are typically around 1mm thick when used in stove windows. However, it’s worth noting that mica sheets are relatively small and delicate, making them prone to damage if not handled with care. In the past, stove manufacturers relied on mica for window panes, resulting in smaller window sizes compared to modern stoves that use ceramic heat-resistant glass.

Our Mica Panels:

Are specifically designed for use in older stoves, offering a traditional alternative to glass. Some popular stove models that can accommodate our Mica panels include the Esse Dragon and the Courtier, among others. These panels can be easily cut to fit your stove using ordinary scissors.

For your convenience, we also offer heat-resistant adhesives, silicone, and glue, which are recommended for securing the Mica panels in place. These additional products can be found on our shop.

Key Features:

  • Traditional replacement for glass in older stoves.
  • Can be cut to size with scissors to fit your wood-burning stove.
  • Heat-resistant adhesives, silicone, and glue available for purchase separately.
  • Panels are approximately 1mm thick, ensuring reliable heat resistance.

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