Stove Glass Gasket 25 mm wide by 3 mm thick price per m

Stove Glass Self Adhesive Flat Tape – 8 mm x 3 mm.

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Stove Glass Gasket 25 mm wide by 3 mm thick


Our premium 5mm stove rope fibre sealing rope, also known as fire rope, is the ideal solution for enhancing the performance of your stoves. Crafted from high-quality woven glass fibres, this stove rope offers superior durability and heat resistance.


This fire rope is specifically designed to provide a reliable seal for doors and lids on solid fuel stoves and boilers. Whether you need to replace worn-out sealing ropes or enhance the efficiency of your heating appliance, our 5mm stove rope is perfect for the job.


We take pride in our fire rope using top-grade woven glass fibres. This construction ensures excellent insulation properties and longevity, allowing you to enjoy a secure and efficient seal for years to come.


Getting your stove rope in place is a breeze. Begin by removing any remnants of the old rope and eliminating loose metal from the locating channel. Our recommended Fire Rope Adhesive makes installation a seamless process. Simply follow the instructions on the container to apply the adhesive. Next, press the fire rope firmly into the channel and use scissors to achieve a clean end-to-end butt joint. Wait for approximately fifteen minutes before closing the doors to ensure a proper bond.

Invest in our Stove Glass Gasket 15 mm wide by 3 mm thick today and enjoy enhanced safety, efficiency, and longevity for your solid fuel stove or boiler. Order now to experience the difference!

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