Dowling Hybrid Stove Glass 375 mm x 270 mm Shaped


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Dowling Hybrid Stove Glass 375 mm x 270 mm Shaped

trapezium shaped

width at the bottom 375 mm

with at the top 270 mm

height 140 mm

Discover unparalleled clarity and exceptional quality with our Schott Robax-manufactured stove glass. Designed to provide a high-definition view of your fire, this glass surpasses all others in terms of its crystal-clear transparency.

Engineered to withstand extreme temperatures, our stove glass can handle up to 760 degrees Celsius. Should your stove exceed this temperature, rest assured that our glass is specially crafted to resist melting.

Not limited to fireplace use, this heat-resistant glass is also ideal for cookers, domestic ovens, and other applications where durability is crucial.

Suitable for a variety of stoves, including wood burning, gas, oil, and domestic cookers, our versatile glass is the perfect addition to any heat source.

With our prompt shipping and meticulous packaging, you can expect your glass to arrive in pristine condition, ready to elevate your fireplace experience.

Upgrade your stove glass today and enjoy an unobstructed, mesmerizing view of your fire like never before



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